Why you should be eating beetroot for dinner tonight 

Beetroot is one of my absolute favourite vegetables. I am always mesmerised by its hot pink allure. 
When I was a kid I hated the stuff as it generally was out of a can and made soggy sandwiches even soggier. I was introduced to the joys of beetroot in university when one of my flatmates made a gorgeous roasted beetroot and feta salad for dinner one night. I loved the contrast between the sweet and the earthy. 
Beetroot is one of the best vegetables out there. It has a number of incredible health benefits including: 

  • Naturally lowering blood pressure
  • Boosting energy and stamina 
  • Increases oxygen to the brain – increasing memory and cognitive function
  • Anti inflammatory 
  • Makes your skin GLOW ✨✨
  • Plus packed filled with vitamins, antioxidants, folate and manganese. 

Over the years I have done a bit of experimenting and have realised how versitial beetroot can be including; 

  • Roasting
  • Juicing 
  • Grating raw into salads

Beetroot is currently in season, so this month on the blog I will be sharing some of my favourite beetroot recipes. 
I hope you are all ready to glow! 


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