Eating fresh and local produce

As many of you will have figured out love eating fresh produce. An important part of this is know where my produce has come from. To increase the freshness (and subsequently the nutritional value of my food) I like to eat locally and in season.

Nature is one of those pretty incredible things that will produce gorgeous fruits and vegetables that suit your mood in different seasons. Over the summer I feel like eating fresh vegetables and herbs out of my garden. My meals are light and filled with lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, and zucchinis as usually I have to eat these in abundance over this time. In winter, I don’t feel for salad. I want something warm and hearty. Luckily nature responds to this and brings warming pumpkin and parsnips for my soups as well as lemons for my tea.

There are somethings in my life that I just can’t source from the local markets as New  Zealand is not really a power house for growing spices and roots. Some Asian flavours I also need to pick up at the Asian supermarket. However wherever possible I will try to eat local.

One of my aims for this blog is to provide an array of different recipes that show case a different fruit or vegetable each month. In doing this I hope that my readers will experiment with fruit and vegetables that are a little different to the vegetables that are in constant supply year round. Each of the vegetables I have chosen are gorgeous and colourful and filled with flavour.

I look forward to seeing your wonderful recreations of these recipes or recipes of your own with the #eatfreshchallenge.

x Georgejet


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