Lean mean green machine

When I was little, my dad used to have an machine in his car that my brother and I used to call the lean mean green machine. Admittedly we were six and eight when we came up with the name. Twenty years on, I think that it is a much better name for this vibrant smoothie.

Blitzed together in seconds, this smoothie is perfect for a morning when you are on the go.


  • A good handful of spinach
  •  1/2 a lemon (skin removed)
  •  one kiwifruit
  • 1/2 a green apple
  • stalk of celery
  • 1/4 turmeric root
  • 3/4 cup of coconut water (or normal water)

You can also add a dash of apple cider vinegar if you really want to awaken the senses. Or you can top with chia seeds for added protein.

Blitz together in a blender for 30 seconds. Pour into a jar. Pick up handbag and keys with one hand and smoothies jar with other and head out the door.


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