Welcome. Do you come here often? This is my first time. Best to start at the beginning and introduce myself. My name is Georgy (my mum calls me Georgejet) and I am yet another mid 20’s millennial who is loves to eat food. Why wouldn’t you. The crunch, the crackle and oooeey gooey soft melting in your mouth. Food excites me. It nourishes me and best of all I find cooking a crazy good for  of stress relief.

I love getting into the kitchen and whipping up something new for different. Having friends over for a wine and cheese or a banquet with banter. Generally I just cook for one, with some leftovers for lunch the next day. My meals are generally filled with fruit and veges. I am not afraid of herbs and spices (although sometime that goes quite wrong). Although I would love to fill my face with onion and garlic, unfortunately IBS won’t let me go there. I will try and specify if something is FODMAP or gluten free, dairy free or refined sugar free. However I am not perfect and not trying to be.

After a little bit of egging on and many years of delaying and putting it on the too hard list. I have decided to start this to share some of the good, the tasty and some of the outright delicious creations that I dream about all day. My aim is that hopefully some of my readers (probably only my mum and bf … hi guys) might try them out next time they are in a jam trying to decide what’s for dinner.

Well after all that who’s hungry?





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